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OpenIAM Suite consists of two web applications from a user's perspective:

  • Admin Console (webconsole)
  • Self-Service

The Self-Service allows locked users to reset their accounts, and helps all users to manage their profiles, identities, challenge response security questions. Self-service interface allows end users reset passwords in case of lockout, and look up corporate users through a directory search. Authorized users can also use the request approval functionality.


The purpose of this manual is to provide the end-users with the complete instructions on how to use the Self-Service application. It also gives reference information on the main concepts related to the functionality.


The SelfService provides a few different ways of creating/updating a User:

  1. Self Registration:  /selfservice/selfRegistration.html
  2. New User with Approver: /selfservice/newUserWithApprover.html
  3. New User with no Approver:  /selfservice/newUser.html
  4. Edit Profile Screen: /selfservice/editProfile.html


Table of Contents

The current Guide contains a number of child pages. They provide detailed instructions on how to use the Self-service application and its features. The pages are listed at the bottom of the page.


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